New patterns: the Lisbonne dress and Tanger jacket

Releasing a new pattern always comes with a lot of excitement. But this feeling is strongly increased today since it is not one but two new patterns that we are releasing ! Let’s introduce what we worked on lately: the Lisbonne dress pattern and the Tanger Jacket pattern.

The Lisbonne dress is a chic and casual garment at the same time, summer y or festive. Choose a stylish jacket and stilettos for a chic outfit, or a pair of sandals and a cardigan for a walk. The off the shoulder sleeves bring the garment its touch of sophistication and the knit fabric (with elasthanne/lycra !) the confort. Dress version or skirt and crop top version, it is up to you !

Lisbonne dress - Anne Kerdilès Couture Lisbonne dress - Anne Kerdilès Couture

Pink knit from L’atelier de Dina

The Tanger jacket is a light summer jacket, with a bit of a safari jacket side. Its look, modern and simple as the same time, is enhanced thanks to nice details: elaborate pockets, decorative shoulder tabs, useful sleeve tabs to roll up sleeves give a touch of sophistication. The jacket is not lined. In order to have a beautiful garment with a perfect finish, it is highly recommended to use a bias tape to finish the seams.

Tanger Jacket - Anne Kerdilès Couture Tanger Jacket - Anne Kerdilès Couture

Tanger Jacket - Anne Kerdilès Couture Tanger Jacket - Anne Kerdilès Couture Tanger Jacket - Anne Kerdilès Couture

Fabrics from 36 bobines

On the occasion of this patterns release, we are proposing a limited edition bundle with these two paper patterns for the first 50 orders for € 25 instead of € 30.

A warm thank to the all the testers: Laurence, Clotilde, Julie and Mélanie, Claire, Bénédicte, Anne-Cécile, Anne, Chloé.

For any purchase of a PDF or printed pattern, the Manhattan skirt is offered to you

Jupe MANHATTAN cadeau !

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