New packaging for our patterns !

After several months of work and tests, we are glad to reveal our brand new pattern sewing packaging !

So far, are concerned Cézembre (which now includes seam allowances, yeah !), Malo, Bergen and Belle-Ile (our future design) patterns. The others will follow gradually.

We change our envelops for several reasons. First, the lack of information at the back of the pattern. Indeed, at date we had to open the envelop and check the booklet to have all the necessary indicated to make the garment (notions, fabrics recommended, sizes chart…). Now, all these details are specified at the reverse side, in French and English, for more practicality. Other reason, simply for an attractive aspect, is the sticker that specifies the design. Despite all the care brought to their printing and sticking, we wanted to propose entire printed envelops for a beautiful finish.

But we have also wanted to keep some aspects of our former packaging: the square format and a beautiful pearlised paper.

Other novelty: the name of the pattern on the two sides of the envelop to immediately identify it in our pattern library 😉

We hope you’ll like this new packaging as much as we do !

New pattern: Bergen Cardigan

We all have a special garment or accessory we love to wear all year long and with every outfit. Some of us will always wear heels whereas some others won’t go outside without a nice scarf. Here, our favorite garment is the cardigan. In winter or in summer, we always love a nice cardigan to wear. It was therefore an evidence to propose this element of our wardrobe. We are pleased to present our new sewing pattern: the Bergen cardigan.

The Bergen cardigan is an easy daily wearable garment that goes with everything! Perfect in winter in a wooly knit, as in summer in a lightweight jersey, it is the perfect cloth in every season. According to the fabric, Bergen will be a nice and smooth cardigan in a soft knit, or a structured jacket in a quilted fabric. Its raglan sleeves, little folds that embellish the neckline and the bottom of the fronts, as well as the nice curved yokes give this cardigan the little twist dear to our patterns.

Knits, light weight sweat, quilted fabrics will be suitable for this cardigan. Piping is also possible to highlight the yokes.

To celebrate the Bergen cardigan pattern release, we are glad to offer 10 % off all the e-shop (no code needed) until Sunday 12th February.

Discover now the Bergen cardigan pattern in the e-shop and very soon the testers’ versions :  MélanieAnneClotildeLaurenceBénédicteAnne-CécileClaire and Chloé.

Tutorial: Cezembre blouse with flat pleats

It is always a real pleasure to discover your interpretations of our patterns. It is often on Instagram I see beautiful realizations of yours, such as the Cezembre blouse with flat pleats realized by Angélique, aka Le Jardin d’Eden et Robin.


Cézembre blouse Anne Kerdilès Couture

When I saw this blouse it was love at first sight ! And you seemed to love it as well. Therefore, Angélique gently prepared a tutorial to make the lovely pleats. I thank her a lot and invite you to discover her blog.

Cézembre blouse Anne Kerdilès Couture - Le Jardin d'Eden et Robin

So, here is Angélique’s tutorial for the flat pleats Cézembre blouse 🙂

Cézembre blouse with flats pleats
Le Jardin d’Eden et Robin
Garment realized in size EU 38

> Cut the back piece making the curved line a straight line
> Cut the front piece the same way but reduce the height by approximatively 3 1/2” (9 cm)

> Cut a 36” x 3” (92 cm x 7 cm) fabric strip for the front bottom and two 21” x 2” (53 cm x 5 cm) others fabric strips for the   sleeves.
> Topstitch on the length and make a fold
> Make 3/4” (2cm) flat pleats (use a ruler and an iron)

> With right sides together, stitch the pleats strip on the bottom front piece
> Topstitch on the right side of the fabric to hold the strip

> Stitch the shoulder seam
> With right sides together, pin the pleats strip on the armhole making sure to place the center strip on the shoulder seam. Stitch with a 3/8” seam allowance
> With right sides together, stitch the front and back pieces with a 3/8” seam allowance
> Neaten the armhole with a biais binding
> Topstitch on the right side of the fabric

> Neaten the neckline and bottom back piece with a biais binding.

Photos: Le Jardin d’Eden et Robin


New patterns: the Lisbonne dress and Tanger jacket

Releasing a new pattern always comes with a lot of excitement. But this feeling is strongly increased today since it is not one but two new patterns that we are releasing ! Let’s introduce what we worked on lately: the Lisbonne dress pattern and the Tanger Jacket pattern.

The Lisbonne dress is a chic and casual garment at the same time, summer y or festive. Choose a stylish jacket and stilettos for a chic outfit, or a pair of sandals and a cardigan for a walk. The off the shoulder sleeves bring the garment its touch of sophistication and the knit fabric (with elasthanne/lycra !) the confort. Dress version or skirt and crop top version, it is up to you !

Lisbonne dress - Anne Kerdilès Couture Lisbonne dress - Anne Kerdilès Couture

Pink knit from L’atelier de Dina

The Tanger jacket is a light summer jacket, with a bit of a safari jacket side. Its look, modern and simple as the same time, is enhanced thanks to nice details: elaborate pockets, decorative shoulder tabs, useful sleeve tabs to roll up sleeves give a touch of sophistication. The jacket is not lined. In order to have a beautiful garment with a perfect finish, it is highly recommended to use a bias tape to finish the seams.

Tanger Jacket - Anne Kerdilès Couture Tanger Jacket - Anne Kerdilès Couture

Tanger Jacket - Anne Kerdilès Couture Tanger Jacket - Anne Kerdilès Couture Tanger Jacket - Anne Kerdilès Couture

Fabrics from 36 bobines

On the occasion of this patterns release, we are proposing a limited edition bundle with these two paper patterns for the first 50 orders for € 25 instead of € 30.

A warm thank to the all the testers: Laurence, Clotilde, Julie and Mélanie, Claire, Bénédicte, Anne-Cécile, Anne, Chloé.

Anne Ka Couture becomes Anne Kerdilès Couture

Anne Kerdilès Couture

Big news here ! Anne Ka Couture is changing its name and becomes Anne Kerdilès Couture !

You’ve been a lot to give us your opinion and suggestions for the new name. So, thank you for your involvement ! Many of you proposed to simply take my name for the new branding. The new trademark is therefore:

Anne Kerdilès Couture

Logo and domain name will be changed within a few days. The shop is of course still open meanwhile.

Only the brand name changes. Sewing patterns, their name, packaging, illustrations… remain totally unchanged !

We can still keep in touch on Instagram with the username @annekerdilescouture and hashtag #annekerdilescouture. And on Facebook, all the news are on our page Anne Kerdilès Couture.

New pattern: the Milan blouse!

Spring is here and with it comes the brand new Anne Ka Couture pattern: the Milan blouse! And since good news never come alone, I am glad to show you our nice printed patterns on a brand new website 🙂

Let’s start with the Milan blouse pattern that is a nice springtime top. It has shoulder yokes where you can put a little flounce that brings all its sophistication to the pattern. The back has a low cut neckline and sleeves are gathered. The pattern has two different versions: view A with 3/4 length sleeves with beveled cuffs, ans view B with nice cap sleeves.

Blouse Milan - Anne Ka CoutureBlouse Milan - Anne Ka CoutureBlouse Milan - Anne Ka CoutureBlouse Milan - Anne Ka Couture
Pattern is proposed from size 34 to size 48, as a downloadable PDF file, or in as a nice printed pattern.

I hope you’ll like it 🙂 To see more creations of this pattern, please check our wonderful testers blog: Anne, Bénédicte, Clotilde, Julie and Mélanie, Chloé, Anne-Cécile, Virginie and Laurence. A warm thank to them 🙂