New packaging for our patterns !

After several months of work and tests, we are glad to reveal our brand new pattern sewing packaging !

So far, are concerned Cézembre (which now includes seam allowances, yeah !), Malo, Bergen and Belle-Ile (our future design) patterns. The others will follow gradually.

We change our envelops for several reasons. First, the lack of information at the back of the pattern. Indeed, at date we had to open the envelop and check the booklet to have all the necessary indicated to make the garment (notions, fabrics recommended, sizes chart…). Now, all these details are specified at the reverse side, in French and English, for more practicality. Other reason, simply for an attractive aspect, is the sticker that specifies the design. Despite all the care brought to their printing and sticking, we wanted to propose entire printed envelops for a beautiful finish.

But we have also wanted to keep some aspects of our former packaging: the square format and a beautiful pearlised paper.

Other novelty: the name of the pattern on the two sides of the envelop to immediately identify it in our pattern library 😉

We hope you’ll like this new packaging as much as we do !

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